Wasted Prodigy Gamers

November 17, 2018 0 By Ninjas Dynasty (WPG) Owner & Founder
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(WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamer’s Team Bio

Welcome to (WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamer’s team bio! Let’s get started with just some info bout us.

In 2004 we started on Halo 2. But once COD 4: MW came out we then played on that game. Our team was called BeastMode. Named changed in 2009 to Wasted Prodigy Gamer’s. Zobex who was one of our members came up with this name. We loved COD so we stayed on that game until COD MW3 and BO2. After that COD went down hill. In 2014 Ninjas Dynasty expanded this team to PC gaming.  Every since then we started to play vary’s of game’s such as Dayz, Scum, Pubg, and so on. Ninjas Dynasty started this team to Bring Gamer’s Together in a Fun, Friendly, Family Environment. Our goal is to create a community for the players to feel at home.[/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_comments el_comments_title=”Clan Discussion”]

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