DayZ 1.0 Released

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DayZ is out of Early Access


      So it seems as of December 13th 2018 DayZ has been released out of beta and into a “complete game”.  Now from what the posts say they intend to keep adding features to this game but it seems they feel it’s consider feature complete enough to now be a full game.   Also, this weekend is a free weekend to play the game, so if you have been considering it, pick it up for free.  You will find a few of us that do enjoy the game and may join you in a bit of fun.

      The feature list isn’t impressive considering what we have seen in the past but they are promising more.  The feature list is:

  • Zombie AI (climbing, noise sensors, chase mechanics)

  • Central Loot Economy that refreshes and spawns loot dynamically

  • Persistence (items, bases, vehicles will be saved on restarts) *Please note there is an issue with persistence getting corrupted if the server crashes, or is manually forced to close

  • New renderer

  • Animal herd behavior and predatory animals

  • Cooking, fire-making, and horticulture

  • Improved anti-cheat measures

  • 64-bit servers/custom servers

  • Transmittable diseases and illness

  • Land mine traps

  • Character beards and soft skills

  • Advanced communication (walkie-talkies, town PA systems, megaphones)

  • LADA 4×4 vehicle (advanced repair, vehicle fluids, physics model)

  • New UI and HUD

  • Player stamina and new player controller

  • Dynamic world events (heli crashes, police car wrecks)

  • Lootable zombies

  • New physics system

  • New firearm system (weapon jamming, condition, cleaning, manual magazine loading, bullet chambering, manual bolt/pump action operation, point shooting, ballistics)

  • New damage model (simulated vital organs, multiple bleeding wounds, unconsciousness)

  • Basebuilding and electricity

  • Modding support

  • New DayZ launcher

  • Completed Chernarus map (hiking trails, military checkpoints, revamped cities, new enterable buildings, increased towns in the north, more debris in roadways, new dense forests)

  • Improved lighting system, shadow casting, gamma abuse prevention

  • New items and clothing options

  • New melee system (blocking, dodging, heavy and light attack variations)

  • Dynamic zombie spawning mechanics around player populated areas

  • Tents, barrels, and hidden stashes for loot storage

  • New particle effects and other visuals

  • An audio redesign (gunshots, ambiance, player noises, etc.)

  • 11 Firearms: Makarov, CR75, FNX45, M4A1, IZH 18, AKM, Mosin, SVD, UMP45, MP5K, MP 133 Shotgun

  • And much more!

List of possible future features that may appear or reappear:

  • 39 Firearms: Crossbow, recurve bow, Amphibia S, P1, Red9, Glock 19, Derringer, M1911, .357 Magnum, Longhorn, Repeater, Sporter, Flaregun, Trumpet, AK74, AKS-74U, AK101, AUG, CR527, SKS, Blaze95, FN FAL, Winchester M70, VSS, PM73 RAK, IZH43, RPG-7, M72 LAW, M249 SAW, PKM, Dark Gun, Taser pistol, Groza, Steyr Scout, CR 550, M12 Shotgun, Saiga12k, Uzi, Bizon

  • 9 Vehicles: Civilian Sedan, Transit Bus, 4 door hatchback, Skoda Van, Compact civilian sedan, multicar, dirtbike, ATV, bicycle

  • Shooting from vehicles

  • Night Vision Goggles

  • Aerial vehicles (hummingbird heli, crop duster plane)

  • Bear trap, tripwires, noise traps

  • Barricading

  • Ragdolls

  • Broken legs

  • Fishing

  • World containers

  • Birds

  • Procedural colors

  • Ivy growth on buildings



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