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Dayz server is now open

We now have our Dayz server back! We would like to share this server with you.  The players.  The supporters! We want to see a lot of players share this server and help us grow it. We want to see our 20 slot server reach 40 and so on. But we can’t do this without you. Our server is based off word of mouth.  So we count on our supporters to help us out. Spread it to your friends and family. Make our server your home server. Thanks again for your support.

Why come to our server?

Our server is Smooth. Great FPS to start with.  We also carry Mods to make the game better.  With added content to make the game play better for our users.  Best yet, players CAN NOT ghost any other players on our server.  No players can come in our server already geared up.  We want all of our players to have a fresh start and a fair game.

What can you tell me about the admins?

So many players worry about admins. They think there will be admin abuse towards the users.  WPG is fully run by trusted admins.
Each admin is trained and has to answer to and by Ninjas Dynasty, owner and founder of this team.  Our goal is to make the game
fun to play, where players need not worry about admin abuse.  Each admin is trained to not show any favoritism to anyone; not even their own team.  This means an admin will not spawn in any items for their team. (WPG) members and admins must play the game the same as the players.  The only time an admin will use their powers is when it is needed such as banning players, answering anything you may ask, and so on.  But remember admins are players too.

Dayz Forums

Our Dayz forum is the best way to get info. We hope to see players like you on our forums.
On our website, you can create recruitment tabs. This helps to bring in more players for your team.  Post funny pics, report bugs, etc.  You can start now by heading to our Forums by clicking —> Here <—

Download these mods to play on our server

   —> Click Here <— For the mods

Dayz Server Info

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