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    (WPG) Minecraft Server!

    How to download our server? Lets start off with how to get our full mods list so that you don’t have to do so much work. Our mod list is done for you. So pretty much just copy and past.

    Step 1 – Download our Mod files from this link below. This link will update each time we add or take away mod files!

    UPDATED FILES 11/11/18 9AM EST

    Step 2 – Make a New folder on your desktop. Then Drag the file you just downloaded into the new folder. Once your down with this. Extract the files in the same folder. You will then see a file called Forge. Click on that file.

    (You should see forge loader come up. Like the pic below shows. Make sure that Install client is marked and then press the OK button. If you done this right you will see this message.)

    Step 3 – Go to your search bar on your computer or file folder. Type in %appdata%. You will then see a folder called .minecraft. Click that to open the folder.

    (In this step you will see all your files in the .minecraft server. In this folder you will or may not see the Mod folder. This works either way. Just take the mods folder you just downloaded from step 1 and drag it into this area just like i have done. then exit the folder.)


    Step 4 – Go ahead and launch the minecraft game. Once you are in the launcher. Click on the LAUNCHER OPTION tab. Then click on the word Version. Find the forge version that you just downloaded and seleted that.


    (From this menu go ahead and click on JVM arguments. Make sure the slider is green and that you can edit this part.)

    (You will see -Xmx2G – As you see i highlighted the 6 in this part. Because i already changed my 2 to a 6. You can do the same. This increase’s the ram memory of your game so you don’t get kicked out of the server and able to play more smoothly. Then click save.)

    Step 5 – At the top of the menu button’s you will see the big word MINECRAFT. Its in the big picture on Step 4. Click on that word. It will lead you back to the launcher Home page.

    (Here you will see the word PLAY. On the right of the green bar you will see the little arrow pointing up. Click on that and a window so pop up as it is on)

    Step 6 – Find the version of Forge you just crated from Step 4. Click on that then press Play. Almost done guys. Its really not hard or that much once you know what you are doing. I know some may say “Its much to do” Its really not. Don’t be lazy.
    Ok once you are in the game click on the word ADD SERVER! Then Copy our IP: and past it there as it is on the bottom picture.


    Click done and then join our server. Your done! YAY!!! All that work will pay off trust me. After you do all this. All you will have to do is the mod folder part. Once we update the link just download the mods and copy and past in your old mod folder in the .minecraft files found in %appdata% Have fun guys! hope to see you guys around!

    Don’t have minecraft? You can get it free from the link below. We do allow crack version players!

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