My name is Gabriella, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m 25 years old and like to be happy 😀


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♥ You are just as valuable as any other person in this stream, including me, so please treat everyone in here with respect and kindness.
♥ Smaller amounts of spamming is ok, but remember that others want to be seen as well, so please don’t go overboard.
♥ If other streams raid us, or we raid them, make sure that they are treated with love and respect as well.
♥ Those who are the hardest to love need it the most. The best way to handle someone who angers you is to treat him or her with kindness, otherwise please just ignore the person to avoid making it worse.
♥ I want everyone to feel included and therefore I stick to English. I appreciate if you can do the same.
♥ Subscribers can post links freely; everyone else needs to ask for permission from a Moderator before being able to link.

If you stray from the Values of our Stream, you will be timed out and warned. After two time outs and warnings, you will unfortunately be banned. However, everyone is given a second chance so please contact sotif on Discord if you would like to come back ♥

What do I get for subscribing?
♥ Sub games every Saturday
♥ Tier 2&3 subs get to play more during Sub day
♥ Stream team “House of Gabbie”
♥ Monthly Movie Night in Discord
♥ Emotes
♥ Sub Bonus in giveaways
♥ Subscriber access in Discord
♥ No ads during stream
♥ Can post links without permission
♥ Not affected by slow mode