Minecraft Server!

Minecraft Server!

March 9, 2019 0 By Ninjas Dynasty (WPG) Owner & Founder

New Minecraft Server!

We now have our own Minecraft server! We would like for everyone to try this server out with us. It’s new, and it’s a work in progress. So be the first to join us and watch it grow. Minecraft is an open world survival game. You can Explore, Hook up with friends, Craft anything that you can put your mind to, Kill monsters, Make cities, and or Raid other player’s towns. Go to war and more!

Download our Minecraft files to play with us; go to our forum page —-> Click Here <—-

We have also added the Chisel Mod, as a means to make your crafting look more beautiful!

Minecraft Forge server! IP: clanwpg.server-minecraft.pro