Ninjas Dynasty

Hey! My name is Ninjas Dynasty, I have been playing games my whole life. I love to get to meet and know people. At times i get shy and lock up. But i am trying to fight that part. ^^ I was a COD player since COD: 4 MW. But i stopped playing in 2013 when my brother passed away. Then in 2014 i came back to play just for fun. But not COD. More like Dayz and Minecraft. Then i moved away into an area that had no internet. I came back this year. So after 4 years now. I am back on and ready to stream and meet new gamer’s once again! ^^

My Goal right now is to gain more followers on twitch. And become partners with Minion Masters. To do this i would need 20 viewers or more daily. live stream alot lol. and have fun. I can’t do this without any of you. Thanks for the support!

Come and Follow me. ^_^ I love to gain more followers!